Dormice Appeal

You may be surprised to know that the dormouse has disappeared from over half the places they lived 100 years ago in Britain.

They were once widespread throughout the English countryside. But the dormouse is now rare and vulnerable because of habitat loss and poor management of woodlands.

By making a gift today, you could help us ensure our nature reserves are managed in a way that creates a good habitat for dormice.

For dormice populations to survive they need a habitat with a good mix of tree species, well-managed hazel coppice, corridors to move about and an understorey of honeysuckle and bramble as a source of food, nesting material and protection.

Today with your help we can protect and enhance woodlands and hedgerows in Sussex and create places where vulnerable dormice can thrive.

Whatever you can give, please donate today. With your help we will have a chance to give more protection to endangered dormice.