Keep Campaigning for Wildlife Appeal

Building and development have already led to a big decline in wildlife habitats in Sussex – yet even more development is planned. We urgently need your help to fund our campaigning work to stop the severe loss of countryside and wildlife across Sussex.

Over the past few years, the wildlife populations across Sussex have fallen dramatically. Hedgehogs have declined by 33%, water voles by 95%, and across the south east of England, common swift have declined by 50%. Intensive farming and development have left our local wildlife with precious little habitat to live and breed. Unless we act now, mammals and birds like these will vanish from Sussex forever.

That’s why we’re urgently asking you to stand together with us to make sure that development does not go unchecked around Sussex.

We are asking for donations to help fund our Campaigns Team who respond to planning applications as they arise, putting forward the case for wildlife and ensuring their voice gets heard.

The problem is, we are dipping into our reserves to meet the costs of our Campaigns Team, which is unsustainable. If our funds were to run out, wildlife will have lost a major champion in Sussex.

By making a gift today you could help keep this work going and make sure we can carry on responding to planning applications that put our local wildlife in danger, and halt the decline in our local species.