Brickfield Meadow

A good example of an unimproved Wealden meadow

Tucked away near the village of Fairwarp, lies a small meadow rich in wildlife that has been managed in the traditional way without any agricultural improvement. Avoidance of chemical fertilizers has ensured that a great diversity of grasses and wild flowers, together with the insect life they support, can be found here. Although small, this type of meadow is important as it is threatened, both locally and nationally.

Brickfield Meadow is at its finest in early summer when the majority of the herb-rich sward is in flower. Bird's-foot-trefoil and creeping buttercup are prominent with their golden blooms. There is a huge variety of grasses here, not the high-yielding species favoured by livestock, but the finer more delicate grasses such as fescues, bents and sweet-vernal grass.